UiMusic :: Lofi & Slowed Music Player

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@Alhn nice work but you can add more images of the application

in playstore?

On community :wink: in main post

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Hello @Alhn Thanks for sharing your work with us!

It would be great if you provide a bit more info about this app like icon, a short description, screenshot setc. because it gives a proper brief of your app. and also, It encourage other developer to learn and create their own apps.

Your shoudl also consider some general points like,

  • What was the idea behind this app?
  • How long it took to complete this?
  • What components and extensions you used in this app? etc…

:point_up: one more thing, if you have used any extension in your app then it’s realy important to thank the extension developer for his work. Because extensions make thing easier and thanking a developer, encourage them to keep making more awesome extensions.


nice app but…

  1. the app is buggy
  2. 2 ads at the same time (interstitial + rewarded video ads)

this will lead to ad limit, also rewarded video doesn’t make any sense because you’re not providing anything back as a reward.

  1. Search feature isn’t working.
  2. slider on music notification isn’t working

btw songs are very good. but be careful about data policy and copyrights

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  1. Becz songs uploaded in google drive
  2. I’ll fix in next update
  3. its beta version for me

Be ready for the copyright strike

Why brother

Does songs belongs to you? Are you having permission to save the songs on your drive and use them in your app ?