Top #05 Mockup Resources for App Inventors.

Hey Guys, Today I will tell you about Top Free MockUp Website or you can say tools. So let’s start

  1. MockUPhone ( My Favourite )
    :zap: A free and simple device MockUp Generator!

  1. DeviceShots
    :zap: Create device Mockups in seconds. In high-resolution.

  1. Mock.Video
    :zap: Want video in a device Mockup?
    :zap: Load, set & mock!

  1. Screenly
    :zap: Instantly turn a screenshot into a browser mockup

  1. MockUpBro
    :zap: iPhone, Apple Watch and more.
    :zap: Upload, Wait and Download

For More Information Go & Checkout My Video :grimacing:
Video Link : Top #05 Mockup Resources - YouTube

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Great guide! :grinning: