Top #05 3d illustration Resources

Top #05 Free 3D Illustrations Resources.

1. Isometric Love
:zap: A free kit of some really cool 3d illustrations in different styles.
:zap: Download any for free, just remember to credit the author!


2. Handz Design
:zap: A free kit of some awesome 3D hands. :zap: Different skin colors and different outfits.
:zap: You can use them in .png format

3. IsoFlat
:zap: Hundreds of free isometric landscapes, available in png, jpg, ai and even .svg formats.

4. Amrit Pal Singh
:zap: You must have seen this awesome free kit before somewhere!
:zap:It includes many very high quality 3D faces illustrations, available to use in your design projects.

5. 3D Hand Pack
:stop_sign: Soon available on :stop_sign:
:zap: This awesome 3D pack will be released soon.
:zap: It contains many pretty cool-looking 3D hands to use in your projects.
:zap: Stay tuned, it will be released soon on icons8!

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Awesome guide :heart_eyes:
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Thanks Shameek . It’s only starting I have more guide :exploding_head:

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