Today i will buy niotron membership,

today i will buy niotron membership,but i can not open my project, help me sir,my project size 9.50 Mb

Error Screen short Link,
Link 1 : bandicam 2021-11-03 17-08-06-852.jpg - Google Drive

Link 2 : bandicam 2021-11-03 17-06-26-377.jpg - Google Drive

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Do hard reset of niotron builder using

did you create your project with niotron from scratch?

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Scratch Card Earning app

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i mean, is your project created with another builder or you created it with niotron from beginning

Niotron Builder Bro

Just try to use firefox instead of chrome, then bring feedback

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Thanks Bro :heart:

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if this works then mark solution :grin: