Tiny db not working in apk

when i testing the app in companion tiny db tags and value showing…but when i install the apk value and tag not showing…here is my companion and apk screenshoot with blocks photo.

have you stored data on tiny DB after installing the apk?
According to your screenshot, you are showing the tags list in label on-screen initialize. So if you store something on tiny and reopen your app it’ll load the list.

i stored data in testing mode means through companion.

You cannot use the TinyDB to pass data between two different apps on the phone, although you can use the TinyDB to share data between the different screens of a multi-screen app. You stored data in TinyDB during live test. And trying to see that on your compiled apk so it’s not loading as both these are two different apk. To know more about Tiny DB compoennt visit niotron docs

You must store tags first, then only you can call them.
for first time you can use valueifTagNotThere for initial value

hello sir same issue is again my pdf files are downloading successfully but in apk not even start

ok i will try and get u back

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