Thanks Niotron For Payment System For BD Dev

Few days ago I have posted on niotron that how can we(Bangladeshi users) makes payment if we want to upgrade monetization pack…
Then Avijit sir gives me a solution that Niotron - Builder - Dannybhai we can use this website to buy any package like
Today i visit the site and buy monetize package

And it’s super fast!
Thanks Niotron & Dannybhai


it’s niotron

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Don’t try to spam here. Niotron team can handle their payments. And FYI, it’s not Ko***ar. It’s Niotron community.

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You are spamming here… I Don’t talk to you so you can’t right answer here…

So what? I want for niotron best anything not else

Calm down people!

It’s an open topic so everyone can interact.

You should watch your manners and also don’t go off-topic.

I was mistake the platform name bcz of addicts on kodular, but really i want for niotron, but the Bangladeshi user are not good side for my side so i was delete my msg…

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You can edit your answer…

and write it again.

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Really ??

Have some manners and learn how to communicate with others in a community. If Niotron team needs someone regarding that then Niotron team can either announce or hire someone from their side.