Take 15% of our earning and make ad component free

Dear Niotron Team,
i am very thankful to you for this amazing builder. I love this Builder. But sir plz make the ad component free , for begeners 250 rs is much for a school student, I am suggesting you to make a system of 15% cumission from earning like kodular but small amount and make ad component free and those who are not interested to give 15% earnings they will buy the 250 rs Monetization pack. so both will be happy. plz think. Thank You

They already think about free users to use the ad component so Wait for their announcement they will post something special for free users too.

Good idea, but don’t include students because if a student needs some practice, I doubt he’ll require the monetisation component. I’m a student as well, and I’m trying to make some money, so I bought a package.

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Every builder can be free if you pay large Hosting Bills and manitainence cost

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I am trying to buy monetization component but payment is not happening… I tried HDFC Visa, SBi Rupay Debit card but not successful