Tab icon color misbehave

when i swipe tablayout only text color changed into white but icon color changed blue. how?

my icon color has black color…


@Devendra_Singh show your block setup

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my screen has following blocks…

here is alos aia file.
TabbLayout.aia (51.9 KB)

@Devendra_Singh I have edited your aia and made the Tab bar for you using Bottom nav you can give try here
See video

TabMOD.aia (59.2 KB)

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Thanks you very very much…

btw when i swipe to second tab and go to screen2 from there.
And when i back from screen2 into screen1, tab starting from 0 index…
How to get specific tab when k press back Press?


Try this:

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thanks a lots…

what is call “Overlay” component? can you share this aia file…?

Take a look at the blocks from @iaditya_nanda (→ TabMOD.aia).

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:sweat_smile: can anyone tell me what is the correct solution?

@Anke @Devendra_Singh

What/where is the problem with my (posted) blocks?

I didn’t said that :upside_down_face:

I just asked :point_down:


i did the same but this didn’t work…

when i go to screen3 from Tab Two and when i backpress from Screen3 its show tabOne instead of TabTwo.

TabMO (1).aia (59.1 KB)

No! These are NOT my blocks.

See again:

its only highlight TabTwo but actualy tabOne enabled.

TabMO (2).aia (59.0 KB)


What does “enabled” mean?


When I go to screen3 and when I come back from there tab1 shows instead of tab2.

No, I don’t understand your problem.
But you should switch screens correctly:


When I select iten “Two” on Screen1 and go to Screen2 or 3 and come back to Screen1, item “Two” is / remains selected.

i used this method all the time…

is there any other method to switch screen.?