Suggest me a in-app pdf viewer free extension

Can anyone suggest me a in-app pdf viewer extension except deephost pdf viwer

yes search on kodlr there r an extension 350 inr which has released recently by anyone

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which one can you give me the link plz

this site can not be reach pop up when i click on link

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[[PAID]Pdfviewer made with webview + pdf.js]

copy it and search on kodlr

ya got it thank you…do u know any free extension

no there r no free extension or paid extension except it

thank you…so much…thanks for your help

@OdiaTech_Center Why Doing Search here and there on internet You can get available extension here this is the list of all Extensions

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the correct link would include a d like this

however I can’t post the link, because it contains a word, that is not allowed… it starts with kod and it ends with ular:laughing:



@OdiaTech_Center Here is the link to the post which @Taifun Want to share sorry taifun but i have a trick

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wow ye tho khajana mil gaya

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