Strange Behaviour/Bugs/Component Request

1. CardView auto-resizing is disabled

Somehow I found that when we set the CardView height to automatic and put several components inside, it is not getting resized according to the occupancy and remains at same size.

2. CardView Padding doesn’t change to lowest zero

No matter reduced to what Padding size is set to the CardView the lowest value doesn’t seems to behave like “0” even if it’s set to zero.

3. CardView Ripple

I found that even if the CardView set Ripple enable to false, it shows ripples.

4. CardView gray Ripple color

CardView Ripple color set to different shades of gray, doesn’t change the color. Remains only Dark Gray. Previous CardView didn’t have this problem.

5. Arrangement elevation doesn’t work

No matter arrangement elevation set to what, it doesn’t show any elevation property change, at least not in companion.

6. Major label properties are missing

Label cannot be set to italics and alignment properties through blocks.

7. Circled Progress Bar strange behaviour

Don’t know what’s wrong but the Circled Progress bar doesn’t look like materialistic. Plus it has strange behaviour on companion. If we change the width greater or less than the 5 (default) in vanishes. Plus color of it also shows malfunction.

8. Network Tool has issue.

Possibly Network toll has bugs. It doesn’t detect anything.

9. Material Switch not visible in mock designer

I could not find how the material switch looks like in mock phone builder. Rather generic app inventor switch works fine.

10. CardView elevation make its width reduced

Strangely I found that the when elevation of a CardView is increased the width of the CardView automatically and proportionally reduced.

11. Material Button have strange problem when font Typeface set to Material Icon

Found that when Material Button Font Typeface is set to Material Icon it doesn’t resizes automatically and also the icon doesn’t showed up. Although didn’t test with Font Awesome.

12. Deleting any Screen leads to error

Whenever I remove any Screen it shows some unknown error. I don’t know if anyone else have faced the same or not. Something like this-

13. Some components needed to be added

After fixing all these above noticable bugs following components may be added-

_a. Elevation/Shadow properties for components in beautify
_b. Radio buttons in material design
_c. If possible the radius could be for Bottom left, Top Left, Top Right and Top Left, so that a good customisation option could be available.
_d. Latest Material Icon and Latest Font Awesome icon support.
_e. Icon support to Material Button from Material Icon and Font Awesome also in continuation to the image icon.
_f. If possible, make the sizing choice of the image icons for Material Textbox, Material Button etc.
_g. Add Material FAB/Custom FAB

Thanks in advance. Peace :peace_symbol:.


I also experienced those bugs…
And And another bug is to export the old .aia file is not installed properly on Some blocks have been deleted.

Below is another bug.

Please solve these


The Next Update will fix all the mentioned issues


Thank you for your respond. Please fix these quickly

When can I get that update?