SpreadSheet component Update won't send Scandinavian letters

Experimental SpreadSheet components fails to send (Update cell) Scandinavian letters such as ä,ö or å.
This letters are replaced with an empty space, even I have changed Google SpreadSheet language to my locale (Finland).
How it would be possible to get those characters through up to the Spreadsheet?

Please demonstrate your current blocks so that we can assist you in resolving any issues if there are any.

Thanks, here is the SpreadSheet Update, which only sent characters not containing ä, ö or å:

Same bug it’s not working as well as not giving any error basically the UpdateData is not working. I since 1 year but @niotron didn’t fixed it till now.
I just come to check out the spreadsheet component of Niotron.
I came from Kodular especially to check this spreadsheet component.
But now…
Bad experience at a fist time…
All tho Niotron have many component compare to KODULAR I wants to check out all but now I maybe not consider NIOTRON as they didn’t fix a main block of a component.