Spelling Corrector Extension πŸ“

Hello everyone, :wave:

Today I present my first extension called β€œ Spell Check ” extension
As clearly stated in the name, this extension includes some useful blocks that can correct any spelling error in a sentence

Blocks image

In this block the user needs too add the word or sentence that needs to be checked/corrected

This event is raised after the extension gets the corrected text

this extension is built using my self made api , I know there are api's that can check spelling but most of the API are paid , In my api you can get unlimited requests for free

:moneybag: Price : $0 | Free for all :wink:

Download link :link:

SpellCheck (2).aix (7.6 KB)

Built on Niotron IDE


Results of the Extension

thanks to @Kumar and @Akshat for helping me in solving a small bug


Yash Sehgal


A Very Useful Extension. Thank You For This Dear @Yash_Sehgal1,

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thanks @I_Am_The_Bong :grinning:

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@Yash_Sehgal1, @Yash_Sehgal both are same

@Faraz_Firoz @Yash_Sehgal is someone else not me
i am @Yash_Sehgal1

Ok I will check this today

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Hello, @Yash_Sehgal1 thanks for sharing your extension in the community. It’s really nice :clap:


Glad you like it @tanishraj :grinning: :heart:

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Excellent Work… But how does it work? like a Grammarly?


Not that far, but just a well-designed system.

You will have a large set of words, you try to match with them and guess the matching result. I’ve done this before (this’s fun!), one of the popular text libraries is TextBlob that can be used in Python.


First I used Textblob library but then I switched to autocorrect

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Hey @Yash_Sehgal1 you say that @Yash_Sehgal is another not you but when I check both are same

@Yash_Sehgal1 Welcome to Niotron :grin:


Why welcome in community

@Yash_Sehgal1 tell this

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Why 2/4/2024 This Extension is not working

Not Giving any result

Does it work in others languages or only english?