Some Important Screen & Button Property needed

Features needed:

  • Keep Screen On (because connection interrupts with companion when screen gets off)
  • Include FontAwesome 5.0 and Material Icons in default typeface of components.
  • Designer elements for all visible components :
    • Margin (Left,Top,Right,Bottom)
    • Padding (Left,Top,Right,Bottom)
    • Radius (Left,Top,Right,Bottom)
    • Stroke width
    • Stroke Color
    • Elevation (For Cards, Buttons and other clickables)
  • Perform Click property for buttons.
  • TitleBar Properties are Missing. Like TitleBar background color, Titlebar FontTypeface, FontSize, FontBold, FontItalic, FontColor etc.
    • Optional Features (Hiding/Showing Option Menu Toggle, Subtitle etc.
  • Screen Properties Like: App setting, Showing “About Application” from android settings, Call Version Name, Call Version Code
  • Screen Navigation Color option is needed.
  • Screen High Quality Image Loading option toggle needed
  • Need Spacer Component
  • Need Rotation Angle Proprty for all visible components
  • Button Properties like Text with placement of Icons.

To be Continued…