Socio Downloader: Social Video & Music Downloader App [AIA]

Socio Downloader: Social Video & Music Downloader App [AIA]

Hello, I am here to launch my second grand project for Niotron that is Socio Downloader: Social Video Downloader. My first project was Earno The earning app and i got good response from users, Thanks for that. so now here is my second project

So lets have a look on Feature:

  1. High quality and Professional UI design
  2. Professional app launcher
  3. Download video from Twitter, Instagram, Youtube (You can skip this, bcz playstore does not allowed downloader for youtube), Facebook, Dailymotion, Vimeo, 9gag, Tiktok and other website…
  4. You only can Download Video and Music.
  5. Self API Created thats why No limit on Downloads
  6. Auto paste Link
  7. My Download Option: Music + Video
  8. Maintenance Screen
  9. Update popup
  10. Internet connectivity checker

Admin App:

  1. Dashboard
  2. Maintenance Update
  3. Update popup enable


Admin App Screenshots:

Demo App:

Admin App:
After Purchasing The Aia

Package Include:
Main App Aia + Admin App Aia + Guide Video

Database Used:
Created own API to request download video and music so you can download unlimited music and video.

Want to purchase?

DM me if you are interested in purchase


Great work :two_hearts:


Apk is not working

Check same app this should work 100%,
Reason: My Mistake, now it should work.

Very nice, man

Just one question (by curiosity, I am not interested):
You said your app use your own api. Is there any guarantee it will keep working after sometime the user bought the .aia?

After checking your app i found that you are using justdownloader api…

Is it yours… ?

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yup, it is mine

this is on my main server s thier no chance of shutting is down, if user want to upload ths on thier own server then they need to purchase this api too.

Are you the owner of justdownloader ?

Nope bro, whats that

New Update Log: [Version 2A.1.0]

  1. Gallery Not Refreshing issue solve
  2. Now you can download all social medias video and music.
  3. Solved notifier issue.
  4. Minor improvement has been done.

Demo App:
Download Demo App

Aia Cost is 499₹ Only :slight_smile:

For Purchase:
DM Or Purchase From Here

I already had purchase?
  • From Aia Store App:
    Then check same shared g-drive file. dont ask me for g drive file if you lost in any case.

  • From Website:
    Do login on website and download from their. you need to use the login details with that you were register your selves. If you havn’t know login details then share your invoice with payment details. after verifying you might get Aia.

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[New Update] Sociao Downloader Version 3A.0.0

Important Improvement:

  1. Downloading issue has been fixed now .
  2. Minor Bugs has been fixed

If you already purchased the aia project kit then we will send personal messages from our side else check provided g drive.

If you want to purchase #Bestselling sociao Downloader aia then you can purchase it from here

admin give option to edit main post

Downloading issue fixed my last reply to this post.

Thank you
Team Pixel AiaStore

Apk File Have been Updated: