Snakes & Ladders Game | AIA File

snake-lader Snakes & Laders Game

This is an outcome of a fun project that I made on Niotron Builder last day. It’s a simple game that you can play with a crazy bot and funny sound effects. I made this using builder component only, not a single extension is used. Especially the canvas component is used to make this game.

Download the app, play the game, and leave your review in the comments below. Also, I’m providing the aia file, feel free to download and modify it to make your own version of the snakes and ladders game.

androidapp Download APK [ File Size : 5.87 MB ]

projectfile Download AIA [ File Size : 1.14 MB ]


Another epic stuff unleashing the possibilities of Niotron Platform, Thank you so much for this



nice you know exactly the best way to use your own builder!!

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Always op stuff you build :heart_eyes:


How do I change the phrase Turn’s Bot!?

In blocks coding, you’ll find When Clock3. Timer block, there Label3.Text is set to ‘Bot’s Turn!’. Change it from here.


Nice work but how to create a ludo game without webview

I Won The Game

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