Slider thumb color bug

when i change the slider thumb color

I am just reporting a bug
Just drag a slider in current or new project it work
But as soon as you change the thumb color it say the following error.

Yes, there seems to be a Companion issue. (Maybe Companion is not updated yet)
APK works (regardless of set in the Designer or with blocks).

See also here:

Yep. For some reason the companion didn’t get updated. It should work fine now

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And thanks for this (new) feature.

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NO i still face the same error

I don’t. For me it’s working fine!
Update Companion …

My current version is 2.6.1

After update its working
@Souvik @NiotronStaff please add app update feature in companion so we get update

@Souvik already mentioned that Companion has been updated:

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