Size Upgrade issue : paid but not upgraded and not refunded

I paid two times one from my card and one from my UPI but size didn’t upgrade and also I don’t get refund.

We will look into the issue and get back to you.

It seems like the subscription is active from our end, can you try again?

same here,and also i had talked about this before but they did nothing with this issue.first i upgraded to premium and also increased the app size with successfull payment but when i added ads components and try to builds the app it shows me error

Are you still facing the issue?

@Sly_Memes Kindly Confirm if it’s working now

Yes, I’m still facing that freaky issue and can’t monetize my app

It’s not working

Can you check status at:

Here is the prove

Check the Subscriptions tab and check if its active

Yes, it’s Active

Then where is the issue?

the issue is when I add admob ads components and build the app and try to open the app it’s automatically close ,mean app automatically close, i don’t know why I checked each and everything in blocks and when I remove ads component ,the app runs normally and also while adding admob banner sometimes it’s shows error

No, it’s still on 25 mb though I paid two times

I attached my order screenshot and dashboard screen plz check, i didn’t get refund and subscription also

Check subscriptions tab if its active

that means your app is crashing not monetization issue

Yes,but sometimes it’s show monetization problem and Than what should I do for crashes?

No it is not