Sir Please Add Side Menu Layout this Component is not your side bar to add this Component

The Sidebar component is there, whether it has no more event blocks is another matter.


You See This Block How To Make this type Side Bar

Samjh ma nahi a rah kise kare solve My problem

Here we do not solve your questions about other builders, only based on niotron, if you have questions about other builders, please ask them in the community of that builder.

You can use Custom Layout in Niotron which gives you more flexibility and control compared to other builders which rely on blocks

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i No that Sir But You Improve Your Perfomance To other Builder

Custom Layout i Is Not Show Your Builder

Custom Layout kahi par bhi nahi h kha se mile ga

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What you have to do

Make your design on vertical arrangement

After that in block when screen initialize set sidebar drawer to your vertical arrangement where you designed sidebar, it work very smoothly.

And i don’t think there is any builder which provides more facilities than niotron for this much worth.

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