Singup and login problem

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i had a problem with signup .
Block Images(if Any)

AIA OR APK(if Any)

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Have you enabled email on firebase?


use event blocks also

and you are using signup block

for this use

already used

If We Will Signup Then We go For Sign in . I think There Is problem with firbase connectvity

is there any error commig?

same issue .

Nope, I am saying that any alert is shown or not?

No alert

Yes it can be because my chating application’s firebase realtime database is not working from many days

any idea . checked all setting . same problem is there

I am also confused
My chat application was a very big project and when I was showing it to my friends the firebase stopped working and you know what would have happened after that

i think your firebase is on test mode . its limit for 30 days . change rules

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but my firebase is new . today i create . its also connect with my app . but still not working

It’s is not but yess the best part is that I have left working on it more 3 -4 months ago due to storage issue as firebase was costing too much

ok . then best database for apps . cheapest and fast

How Can I Use Firebase Core . I Think Firebase Core Problem ?

I don’t know :upside_down_face: