Simulator Companion WiFi

Good morning everyone, I have a problem with the Niotron simulator. When I go to the ‘Test’ item and select ‘Companion’ and then connect by scanning the QR code, it no longer works! It practically remains stuck on the QR code display.
I’ve tried with different projects and with different phones, but it’s always the same thing. Up until 5 minutes ago everything was working fine.
I also tried installing Niotron Companion again and restarting the computer, but the problem remains the same.
Has anyone had the same problem as me? And if so, how did you solve it?

@Angelino_Brosco this is happening on which server?
Main builder server or Beta server?

The problem occurred on both the servers. After a few hours however everything settled down and now it works correctly. I take this opportunity to ask if it is possible to pay for Niotron subscriptions or implementations using PayPal and not just a credit card. Thank you

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