Simple Browser app (free)

Simple browser app with download functionality and some animations. No paid extension is used in this project. Use however you want to use it.
NOTE = You may face some bugs in download function. Please tell if you face any.

Screenshots =

Download link =
App = Google drive
Aia = Google drive


It an awesome app with good UI. KEEP IT UP :+1:

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Nice app and ui is so cool :+1::+1:


Amazing work brother! :grinning:

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Excellent Work @Amit_Narwal :+1:

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Great work @Amit_Narwal !! :+1: :partying_face:

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Hello Amit_Narwal i am facing problem when i am downloading your app it is showing app packages error

then use aia to export the apk

Popup notification problem app crashed please reply and solution

hey why you give your aia for free and i just checked your aia you have done so much work on it.

I am not getting any issue like this on my device

I don’t know
I am just like that

You can also check our YouTube channel, we try to give more free aia there and we also upload videos on the latest app which we want to sell Nod Developers - YouTube

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ok bro i have subscribed your channel

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