Showing Admob Ads In My App With Mopub Ads Unit Id, Without Mopub bidding with Admob

Hey, Everyone, I Am Facing An Issue After Bidding Integration (Mopub+Fcaebook).

1. Sometimes Admob banner ads are appearing in my app through my Mopub Ad Unit Id, without adding Admob on the network section of Mopub. I don’t know why it is happening if anyone has any knowledge about it then please share here.

2. I have never seen Mopub native ads in my app, showing only Fb native ads (Not Showing Sometimes).


But in the case of interstitials and banners ads sometimes showing Mopub ads and sometimes showing Facebook ads.


If anyone has any idea about it then please share :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Brother, show us how you accumulated blocks for ads to appear


This blocks must in screen 1

Can you take a picture for us, brother, of the screen blocks again?

I provide you already so why you need another picture

Do I copy the same blocks all over the app page

Check My Aia Here

My First App Made In Niotron Just For Testing Facebook Bidding Only

Sorry, Bro, You Are Wrong, Just Need To Add Facebook Ads Adapter In Screen 1 Only. If You Are Loading Ads In Screen 1 Then You Need To Add Other Components, You Shared. And I Am Not Loading Any Ads On Screen1, That’s Why I Have Only Added Facebook Ads Adapter In Screen 1