Set height fill parent property is not working

After the latest update V 2.7.0, the property to set height fill parent not working for components. Please, help me on this.

Show your blocks.

I haven’t made any changes before and after the latest update. I tried this in a new project too with no blocks and set height property fill parent in designer part but this issue keeps coming.

Post the aia.

Test_App.aia (124.6 KB)

Which issue? What is the expected result?
Show us a screenshot of what you see and tell us what you actually expected.

@NiotronStaff Have a look on this topic.

Why? What can they learn from this?

As I said, @Nk_Sunil should tell us …

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Sorry for late reply
In this aia, there is two labels separated with a space. Height of space is fill parent. But this is not working in Niotron.
I tried same aia with Niotron and Kodular. I am sharing screenshots of both Niotron and Kodular apps. Before, this latest update from Niotron, the result was same as Kodular.

Screenshot for Niotron app :
Designer Screenshot

Mobile Screenshot

Screenshot for Kodular app :
Designer Screenshot

Mobile Screenshot

Are we talking about the same app?
This is from your aia:

Sorry for this. I removed some components from attached aia to make the issue easier to understand but it’s the same aia. Now, I am attaching new aia.
Test_App (1).aia (124.5 KB)

I also want to clarify that in this aia (1st attached) I am not getting the same result as yours.

Your Result :

My Result :

What is the purpose - why are you using a vertical scroll arrangement and setting the spacer to FillParent?
What’s the point of scrolling if there’s nothing to scroll?

Sorry but my main project is different. I am creating a quiz app which have 1 question and 4 options. I always want to show all option at the bottom part of the app. Some time both question and options can be long (in text), so, these can be scrollable when these are long (for this is am using vertical scroll arrangement).
See here
Test_App (2).aia (1.5 KB)

Niotron Result :

Kodular Result : Also what I want do and what it was in previous version

Before the latest update V 2.7.0, everything was fine.
so, please :pray:

Why don’t you post the right project right away, but let us guess what it’s actually about?

Try this one:
Test_App3.aia (1.6 KB)
Test_App3.apk (4.8 MB)

I can’t use this method because sometime question will be long and sometime options will be long and sometime both.

It’s working fine on Kodular.

Then do some simple calculations with the height of the VA of the question and the HA.

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It’s not that simple and I want to make whole arrangement scrollable, not only option container. And, Is it not possible to make it like the previous version of Niotron ?

I already informed about this bug to @tanishraj & @Souvik and may be this issue will be fix within 1-2 days.

This might be the expected behaviour, but it’s NOT a bug.

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Do you mean it’s depends on device on which the app running ?