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i created a list view dynamically with the help of dynamic componets…and i add a text box name seaching bar… i want to make that when a user write something he\she will get some name that i already added in a list format on my project…

the problem is that…
when i try to write one word or more…it shows EXPECTED A UNIC ID,GET ‘CARD_1’
I don’t know why it show actually

AIA------ :point_down:
search.aia (37.2 KB)


Each new dynamic component must have its own unique ID. No two components can have the same ID.

So how it’s possible pls help

Can you tell us when this error occurs and which block is giving this error when it executed?

Sorry sir, i don’t know but it shows expected unique I’d got card 1.

I think the list I created there are some problem and you previously said that each component has an unique I’d…i think that’s the problem…

Now problem,
Pls send me the solution…i also provide aia file please check it…and help.


Take a look at this: I’ve resolved the issue!

search_Fixed.aia (37.4 KB)

thank you so much sir…

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