Screen limitation in niotron

ok i’m going to use minimum 8-9 screen and i’m using the following method to close every screen so that app maybe not crash or not any runtime errors occurs.

is using less screen is good habits (multiple virtual screen in one screen), are there any benefits of it, just like app run smoothly etc?


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I do not use many screen when creating apps
I use Vertical Arrangement as screen when I need to show another screen I set vertical arrangement as visble
Due to this your app run smoothly and no errors

But how to back from another screen to previous screen specific layout.

Where we use “get start value” to open every html files to another screen… so “get start value” is already engaged with these HTML files…

You can use A Global Viriable or use TinyDB to store anything
If you want to show previous screen then show previous vertical arrangement

Can you share aia/blocks with us it will very helps for begginers just like me…

Thanks in advance…