Sarch bar Search Not Working

Hello There,
I have Connected listview with airtble and now i want a search bar for same I have coded some blocks but it seems some fault as the search is not working

i am sharing blocks too please help me regarding it

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For best understanding drop a lable and set text = college name veriable : this method help you for how data structed in list
For list view elements you need a string type lime item1, item2 item3 so on .

) output please ?:roll_eyes:

Use when button click on when TaifunTextChange

Hello Friend , I am a Newbie Please send block or the blocks that are to be replaced

hello friend , I am a Newbie plz send block

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Simply add a button
replace When TaifunTextbox1 AfterTextChange block with When Button1 Click

Make a procedure like this…

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tried but not getting expected stuff

Sorry Sir I am New with Procedure Please elaborate more that where to call back the procedure

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This is what I understood and did but still no results