Runtime error NO permission to write

I am making a wallpaper app it almost done i tested it on my device working fine Realme 3 pro based on android 11
recently i test it on Redmi 3s prime based on android 6.0.1 it say following error ;(

so i added the following block but noting change


Plese give the aia file.

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First ask write permission
And no need read permission

To request permissions they must be declared in the Manifest.
To ensure this (in your case), add the File component and enable WritePermission in the properties of the Designer.

WRITE permission is no longer available on Android 11+. However, storage permissions for the shared folders (such as /Download, /Documents) are no longer required on Android 11+.

WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE is sufficient as it implicitly grants READ permission.
Manifest.permission  |  Android Developers