Runtime error Length=1 index=1

I am getting Runtime error whenver first time i am opening app after closing app then again opening then i am not getting any error
This problem i am facing after admob so is this admob problem or app compile problem

I am using some extension
Dynamic component
Unlock key
And some other

While i am using app first time

While after closing app then again opening then it working fine

please share your aia or blocks

I am confused how is this possible? ???
We can help you only if you’ll send us your blocks

@Abhishek_Rawat show the blocks where the problem is coming i think you are using list there

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This is second screen blocks … in which i am getting error after sending data from screen 1 to screen 2
Processing: blocks (17).png…

@Abhishek_Rawat Sorry but please reupload your file

wait up till when the file is 100% uploaded



Please Check This AIA File Image Not Uploading
Test_aia (1).aia (489.0 KB)

Horizon I am also confuse but just Before i deleted Admob components so app working Correctly But Once I am using Admob I am getting Same Error

This directly shows that the problem is with admob only
Therefore I’ll recommended to those members who habe monetization to check this component once and give your reviews here(even if it’s working)

The error he is showing have no relation with ads and i checked the aia there are so many error and i think he has deleted some list that is giving error
@Abhishek_Rawat please post the blocks correctly wait for the 100% upload by examining your aia it’s not easy to figure out where the error exists as we don’t know what you ar making and what function you have designed

Hi i can’t give u my original Aia file because i work on this more then 1.5 months so i. Can’t give others this file because i did hard work to build this and I can’t give everyone this free

yes before uploading Aia here i deleted alll other screens and i deleted all main blocks from screen 1 but in screen 2 i didn’t deleted anything and i am getting eror only in screen 2 … in screen 1 and in screen 2 i am using dynamic component

I didn’t understand this that if i am not using admob component then app working fully normal as I shows above video

Bt whenver i am using admob no issues with ads but while screen 2 opening with start values i am getting erorr so what is the problem

@Abhishek_Rawat we respect your hardwork and we are not asking for your aia we are just telling you to post the image of the specific block which is giving so we can check what’s wrong there and then we can put forward our solutions
Thanks :blush: