Ripcus : Relax yourself

:people_hugging: Hello everyone,

I have made a app named “Ripcus” on Niotron. I have used Niotron components and “Rubik Cube Extension” of Aarush Kumar.

App icon :slightly_smiling_face::-


App description :email::-

When you are stressed or angry, this app can make your mood better. In this app you have 3 sections :- Games, Drawings and puzzle.

Screenshots :camera_flash: :-

Special thanks :pray::-

Special thanks to Aarus Kumar for providing Rubik Cube’s extension.

Aia and apk file :-

Ripcus.aia (81.9 KB)
Ripcus.apk (4.9 MB)

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You didn’t add the apk file.

Atleast add some photos

@Deathking and @Pablo_Almeida
Thanks for reminding me. I have added the screenshots and the apk file

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I tried to test it in my device, but it’s impossible because the screen keeps refreshing endlessly.

I don’t have any problem while testing in my device.