(Request) Tiny Web Db

Hi my niotron brothers (and sisters),

Screenshot (32)

I want to store my niotron data to tiny web db. but I don’t know how to do this
yes it is just airtable and firebase in implementing but how I will get my data
can anyone create a guide for tiny web db

thank you for reading

Set label1 text to < tidy db value to get
tag name should be same.

If you want to use airtable or firebase you should use airtable and firebase components.

Or do you want to use tiny web db as a backup of the data hosted in tiny web db?

@Pablo_Almeida (thank you for replying)

I first thought to airtable database to store my users users’ data but I am facing a problem with airtable (that is if I the button to store my data so it did not created so i need click one more time) thats because I think to use tiny web db