Request_install_package permission

Someone receive this message from play console?

It’s a problem in niotron manifest or I’m using any component which contained with this permission REQUEST_INSTALL_PACKAGE

Solve this issue thwnks

Please show your used extensions.

I don’t think this warning from one app, because play store not sent me specific app reason, its all about manifest, issue

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See also here:

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Should we need to solve this?
Or niotron will be fix this

How to solve this , because I always face this problem.

Which extensions do you use?

(E.g. PkgUtils from Sunny or my extension InstallAPK?)

Yes, as I already explained (see my links).
AFAIK, Niotron does NOT declare this permission (REQUEST_INSTALL_PACKAGES) in the Manifest (with any component).

At least it is not declared in the Companion app (APK).

No, not regarding the above permission.

But Niotron might / should remove QUERY_ALL_PACKAGES (deadline July 20). @Souvik


Own niotron component package utility and device info

Then check block properly. Anything wrong was on block. I am aslo use this component not such any this type of permission. For more understand share block image for better guidance.

also i m facing this issue please tell me how to fix

Please tell your used extensions name.

also deephost custom download

i think this is not extension issues .this is builder issue .if extension issue then tell me how to know which extension have this permission


No, the question needs to be asked the other way around (like I already said):

Question: Which Niotron component requires/declares this permission?
My Answer: None (AFAIK).

So prove me wrong!

Mr please don’t blame Niotron without knowing. here is a demo app permission :point_down:


No, why should these components require this permission?

how to know which extension have that permission tell me

I showed you two examples. To be sure, decompile the APK and take a look at the Manifest.