Regarding API 31

As you can see on MIT inventor 2 the API issue is solved.
Now MIT inventor 2 is now building app with new api level 31.
@NiotronStaff you also need to bring the API 31 from beta to main builder.
Hope in getting about this update soon.


Niotron already targets SDK 31.


And do not just copy posts from other forums here (without checking first).

According to timestamp it was posted here first


There is about 3 weeks since Niotron updated the builder to support SDK 31 :joy:

Who cares when and where it was first posted. You check it beforehand, that’s it.

I Uploaded My Niotron App on Play Console 12 Days Ago and its Live today. Not Getting Any Error.


Did you upload it as an internal test track beforehand and check the Pre-Launch report?
If not, then next time you should do it beforehand (regardless of the fact that everything went well this time).

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