Recycular view and native ads

Hello everyone, i have a question how to implement netive ads in Recycularview

Exaply i have a card view and i want to sho native ads after 12 cardview.

Please guid me a small hint will my salutation.

Thank you


Check this tutorial

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@Neeraj_Gusain you are talking about dynamic components. I am talking about recycler bind.

We need to render 2 object like one is item and other is ads and to Deficulte to rendering 2 object at a time in app inventor.

So of you have a any salutation suggest me.
Thank You

Anyone can any suggestion or method to show ads at recycle?

Using native ads in recycle view can effect your ctr because creating a new ad and showing it according to the position will decrease your ctr, instead you can create a single native ads and changing its position according to your need

Don’t mind but CTR issue my problem .

But i need help about that how can we implement this. If you know please share some example,hint or block

True and posible :+1::+1:
I appreciate

I have used sumit’s recycleview extension, when components are created at that time I am creating a native ads, I am creating a single native ads for the entire list

to create native ads I have simply created a procedure.

can u help me friend?