Recyclerview Lag when Scrolling

Can you please guid me how to overcome this issue
Issue is : When i scroll Recyclerview list is not smooth feel lagging.
Used component in this List

  1. Image
  2. Lable
  3. Cardview
  4. Vertical arrangement
    For Load image better way i use AsynchronousImageLoader . and my list is working fine image load is fast it’s take at just 1 or 1.2 sec. to load the image .

But main problem is when scroll the list got lagging issue
** My list length is 1900 (around)

Guys i try to find this issue related problem in community but not gate any satisfied salutation anyone can help me to overcome this issue . Thanks .

Can anyone help me to overcome this issue.
I still wait for any salutations. :zap:

Try to remove image loader and see

Hello Shubh , This method is not work . when i use direct image > image are not load properly .
But i try your recommends method unfortunately it’s not working at all

I try to overcome this issue with multi possible method :smiling_face_with_tear: but unfortunately faild . If any one has salutation please guid me .

@Bapon Use this extension; it operates smoothly and without lag.