Recyclerview Lag when Scrolling

Can you please guid me how to overcome this issue
Issue is : When i scroll Recyclerview list is not smooth feel lagging.
Used component in this List

  1. Image
  2. Lable
  3. Cardview
  4. Vertical arrangement
    For Load image better way i use AsynchronousImageLoader . and my list is working fine image load is fast it’s take at just 1 or 1.2 sec. to load the image .

But main problem is when scroll the list got lagging issue
** My list length is 1900 (around)

Guys i try to find this issue related problem in community but not gate any satisfied salutation anyone can help me to overcome this issue . Thanks .

Can anyone help me to overcome this issue.
I still wait for any salutations. :zap:

Try to remove image loader and see

Hello Shubh , This method is not work . when i use direct image > image are not load properly .
But i try your recommends method unfortunately it’s not working at all

I try to overcome this issue with multi possible method :smiling_face_with_tear: but unfortunately faild . If any one has salutation please guid me .

@Bapon Use this extension; it operates smoothly and without lag.

@iaditya_nanda brother i use all possibilities and this issue has never gone. As of you it operates smoothly and without lag If you want to try this by your self Try with 2000 random image don’t use same image and 2nd use data around 6K then scroll you got lag feel. By the way this is not a industry level process. Pagination is the right method. Even you check your phone apps all most all all use pagination. They may not render all data in one shot.

Niotron team @NiotronStaff @Souvik @tanishraj Pagination can overcome this overcome this issue Please add Pagination system in recycler. And i think this is a basic necessary requirement for render brought amount of data.

Specially when you use mysql offset query. This method smooth app and database both . Less change to crash database and app . Please Niotron Team add pagination system.

And Thank you Niotron Team For giving us a wonderful system .

The recyclerextension won’t see where you bare taking the data. Because it starts work after getting data from dB. So lagging may be due to your logic pattern. See the above link, where I have shared an AIA which takes almost 13k item from gsheet and works without bit of lagging , even every card with animation