Recyclerview Issue

Hello Friends Plz Sort Out This Issue.

How To Get Component Of Any Component In Recyclerview Component With AnyComponent Click.

Ex : When Click Cardview Get Label Text Also

It’s Not Working In Niotron Recyclerview Component

But It’s Working Fine From Same Recyclerview Extension Its Amazing But When You Use Extension In Niotron Of Recyclerview After Build App It Will Not Opening Because Of This Extension.

But There Is Not Complete Full Usage Of Niotron Recyclerview Component…

Plz Add A New Block As Well As Fast “GetComponentByUniqueId”

Already it is there. If any view clicked, first make sure whether it is recycler or not, then get id


I Tried Everything It’s Not Completely Added A Function By Niotron

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Im Trying To Get Label Text When Any Component Click How Can We Do This If You Have Any Idea So Plz Share With Us…

Show us how did you create recycler view?

Did you set unique id for the clicked component?

You Are Not Understand What I’m Trying To Tell

Im Try To When Click Cardview Then In Cardview Label Text Get How To Do This

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First of all you must set unique ID.

then you can use get unique ID block

Onanycard view click,
If it is dynamic component
Get id, and convert it in number only format
USe this number and convert into dynamic label id in which you are going to get text


If This Method Working…

If Working Plz Share Demo Apk Or Aia Of This Project Which Was Helped A Lots…

And Thanks In Advance :heart::blush:

This Method Return Only Unique I’d Not Return Components

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(post deleted)

i am having few labels and two buttons indside an layout created dynamically

On click share button i get id of the clicked button, from the id i get the value of all the labels inside the clicked layout. What else i want then??

Can You Share Demo Apk? Plz

May be harder to understand. Else you share your aia (demo only) for fixing your problem

Plz Share Apk My Pc Currently Not Opened

test it

But It’s Not Actually Correct Method Because Or Other Things To Do For Example : When Click Any Cardview Then Get TextColor If This Possible We Need A Function On Recyclerview Component In Niotron “Get Component By Unique I’d” It’s Very Very Important.

I Request Niotron Team Plz See My Post And Plz Plz Plz Add This Function Block In Niotron Recyclerview :pray::pray::pray:

it is there already

How Can You Get When Click On Cardview Not Label Click There Is Any Method We Want A Function

just replace with card block