Radio Buttons

Hello. I have a question about radio buttons. I have 3 radio buttons, if 1 of these 3 radio buttons is selected, I want the other 2 to be unselected if selected. In this way, only 1 of the 3 radio buttons will be selectable. I could not make this system somehow, I would be glad if you help me.

Hi. You can do something like this…

First, create only 1 radio button (not 3). The RadioButton component manages all the options, it’s not simply 1 option, that is, with 1 component you can do what you’re saying.

For example, I created this RadioButton and in the “RadioButtons” field I put what would be the first option…

Then in the blocks section you add as many options as you need.

In this way, on the screen it will look like this:

And you can use the “CheckChange” block for the functions you need. For example…

I guess it’s done this way because if you had, for example, 10 options it would be tedious to have to use 10 components when you could simply use 1.

I hope it helps.

Thank you. But what I want to do is this, for example, if there are 5 radio buttons, I want at most 1 of these 5 radio buttons to be selected. I want the user not to select more than 1.

Yes, I forgot to mention, the RadioButton component is smart enough to understand that it should not be possible to press more than 1 button, so if you use it the way I explained it works…

In other words, you don’t need to make that system, it is already integrated into the component. I don’t know if I’m explaining myself correctly but I did understand what you need.

Now I understand. Yes, it’s exactly what I want, but I want to put the radio buttons in different places. How can I do that?

I think that with that component it’s not possible that way :frowning: Maybe there is an extension that helps.

If I had to do it I would probably make 3 normal buttons and do the design myself, which probably won’t be the same as the RadioButtons design but it would work. It would be much easier if there was an event to “Deselect Checked” in the RadioButtons component, but there isn’t.

Yes, it would be possible if the feature you mentioned was on the radio button, but unfortunately it is not. I searched for a plugin for this but I couldn’t find it. I guess I won’t be able to do what I want and my application will be deprived of a feature. :cry:

Oh I see, If I have any ideas I’ll let you know.

You did your best, thank you for your help.

Ok :+1:t2: thank you.