Quotes/Status app aia (Open Source)

You can use this aia anywhere you want and however you want. But please don’t sell my free projects. I provide project like these in free, so that anyone can use them, that’s why I don’t even use any paid extension.

Screenshots =

Downloads =
Apk = Click to download
aia = You can get this aia totally from my aia store AppDev

I also create apps for clients for a fee, so if anyone want I can make any kind of app which is possible on niotron. For that anyone can inbox me about it.


Nice UI. :two_hearts:

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How to add more messages?

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Wah ! a new contribution

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A very wonderful and informative contribution… Please keep us updated

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Good work man! I really loved this UI,
You have really done a great job

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I have created different lists in the app, u can add new messages in those lists

It’s possible to connect airtable? Then i will pay few amount

Why not :thinking:

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How to Connect?

@Jinx can better explain you.

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This app block I’m seen,there are manually added the list of quotes…but i want to connect airtable in this list Section…

Ok thanks :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I’m waiting

@Jinx any updates?

I loved you UI. i am interested in making an app just like this. You will save me a lot of time, I will only have to make a few improvements.
Congratulations for your effort and for making it open source

But i can’t connect it with airtable any help?

No response @Jinx

it works on niotron

Ok I’m waiting

the app be really awesome if cnnected to firebase