Push Notifications?

Hello there,

Can anyone tell me how to use onsignal in niotron ?

Or something with push notifications?

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This is for Kodular. Niotron dont have ‘push notifications’

Of course it has. The component name is typed wrong, but if you type push you will find it.
The name of the component in Niotron is onesingal push

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Yes i found it but i need a guide how to connect it, because i don’t understand the blocks and how to set it up to show pushed notifications. Please help.

Did you watch the video sent by Anil?
Because it is very helpful, specially the setting in One Signal and Firebase

Yes, i know how to set up one signal. I don’t know the blocks and how to use them in niotron. Can anyone help me with blocks in niotron?

Show what you tried and I help you

Use this component, @Christos_Ap.

and include the Onesignal app id in the property section, then only send push notifications from the Onesignal dashboard.

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Can you help me with a guide to send notification in a group of people? I see User id but in the post notification i cant put anything.

You can do that from the OneSignal Dashboard

A guide? i am a little newbie, a guide to send it to a group of id’s

You should have said this in your first post. Only now we could understand exactly what you can’t do.
And the reason why you couldn’t do this is simple. It is not possible to send push notifications using one signal component in Niotron.
May be you can do this using extensions, but not with default component.

I hope Niotron is updated soon to allow to do this using the app, but for now the only way is to do it trough One Signal’s website. I am not sure if it is really possible because anyway it is necessary to segment the user and I don’t think there is a block for this in One signal component.

In the niotron, i can get the id of device, but in the oneshignal i cant find a way to group them up…

I took a look, there is no way to create a topic in Niotron