Project not opening

Only showing loading pop-up

Project size 17 mb

Only… :upside_down_face:

and on Phone :upside_down_face:


The biggest problem there is that you are using Niotron builder in your phone, right? The builder wasn’t made to be used in phones. It will work well in computers with 8GB of RAM, but you can use it with 4gb or less but it will be a bit slow.
In a cellphone it will always be slow and hard to use, and this kind of problem will always happen. Besides, your aia is too big. Why does it has 17MB? I have projects with a lot of blocks, components and media files that don’t have half of that.

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Phone details - 8gb ram and 870 cpu

Compared to a Laptop its very low power even core 2 duo is more powerful than Snapdragon 870

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It could be a Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, a phone is a phone. The builder was not made to be used in it. I said that Niotron will work very well in COMPUTERS with 8GB of RAM not in phones with that amount of RAM. If you want to use the builder in the phone ok, nobody can stop you. But you can’t complain for having problems.

Specially with such a huge project size.

It is funny, right? He comes with a problem, everyone explains why he is having that problem but he just try to find a way to not follow the advices.


@Pablo_Almeida You are right we can’t stop them from using Niotron on phone and these platforms were never made for phones or i can say small screen devices simple

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