Project is not getting save, please help

I work for 1 hour and save my project, next day i saw its not save, it was same like if i have not work for 1 hr. all project was lost.
Next day again i work and save it and wait for 5 mint. then open the same project in another tap, to check what i saw not save.
I thod its becouse of airtel net, i check network it was up down , but i was getting 50 kbps to 300 kbps.
Still i change to vodaphone net, i was getting around 400 to 500 kbps.
again the same. how long i should wait to get project save.

I check it : it saw it has 4200 block.

When i build apk it was 6.9 mb apk file.

It’s Strange i can save all my projects and also i am using
Jio:- 10 Mbps to 150 Mbps
Vodafone:- 30 Mbps to 150 Mbps

So if you can’t save your project automatically then you can go with the manual method

I mention above, that i save it. even i create checkpoint. no use.

can you share the screen recording it’s really


what i will send, there is no error msg, nathing , it show its save, but when i refresh or open project in another tap, gone .

But i saw one thing , if i keep my project open and save it , now, it will get save in 30 to 40 min later.

So it hapen to me when i save it in every 15 min.
if i save it in (1.15 pm) and (1.30pm) and (1.40pm) then (1.15pm save) will get save at (1.45pm) or near by.

Still i will try, it will need time because, i will have to hide or blur my project detail.

ok take your time

I build an aia file , rename it and import it now its working.

@MJ_BUNNY_T.V Yes its really strange as @iAditya-Nanda said but if you want your project to be really saved then you can export the aia

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