PresetColor Block/Function

(I’m using google translator, ignore typos) I thought of a feature that would help a lot, it consists of when you are going to select the color you will use in an element be it a label or the background color of an arragement you can select a “PresetColor” option (or another name) and then you can change that color with just one block, so you don’t need to change the color element by element, and it could even be used to change the color of this preset through a database, pulling a color of a firebase tag for example and setting it through the internet connection being able to totally change the look of the app in a matter of seconds


If I understood your question correctly, You can use a variable named “PresetColor” or something, and use the variable in each component, And to change the color of the all components together, change the value of the variable.

Or just put an arrangement in the designer, put the background color to any color you would like, make it invisible and then to set another component to the same color programmatically do something like label1.color = arrangement.backgroundcolor

Of course, you can rename the arrangement to something that you can easily remember, like DarkBlue etc

EDIT: oops I just noticed the topic is 2 months old