Popup When Press Back From Screen2 To 1

I want to show a popup when user press back button from screen 2 for screen 1. Then in screen 1 I have to show a popup with coins.how can I do that??

This is easy but the design depends on you can use custom popup and tiny db to store coins and then call value of coins on screen1 using tiny db

No actually I want a popup suddenly when press back on screen 2 in screen 1.

What do you actually want, In topic post you are saying that you want coin after screen 2 back pressed and screen1 opens

and in reply you are saying you want popup just after screen back preesed

this both are different

A automatic custom popup in screen 1. When close screen 2. My application is a online gaming app in which I give them points. So when user exit from game screen. I want to show them suddenly a automatic custom popup in which there points earned is mentioned.

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This is Scren 2

Then on Back Pressed

How to create



@Anubhav_Sinha If you got then mark this topic as solution.


Yaa now I got it, another screen closed block is playing a major role in this


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