Plyr Compiling Error

I have completed my app 99% and have everything setup and my app is fully functional on the companion app but once I am testing it through APK the PLYR extension is not Compiling correctly and my plyr extension in APK is not intialising no matter what I do.

I can’t use built in EXO player bcz that doesn’t support m3u8 , I need quick help from Niotron Support.

Can you please help me with this. I even cleared my browser cache and stuff but it’s not working

what is the exact message in the log?

There are no error, I have clearly stated that everything is working in the companion but not after exporting project as APK & PLYR Extension is not initializing.

ok, so building works fine…

can you elaborate more on this? what do you expect and what happens instead?

what you could try is to use logcat to find out more about your issue…


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Thanks Taifun for sharing the resource. I have created a live stream player app & have PLYR extension as player. Everything is working perfectly fine on Companion (like testing everything wirelessly) but when I am exporting the project as apk & aab , the PLYR extension is not working.

I have only use one extension, & everything is working in companion, but not as apk on phone.

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Without the logs it is impossible to know what the problem is. May be you could share the apk and someone can install and test it for you too (not very likely since it is 10x more trouble than reading the logs that you could get and share with us since it is you who need help)

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