Please solved this problem

Can anyone solved this problem?

you are trying to add string. that’s why this error came.

How can I solved this problem?

Use join blocks(you can get this blocks from text category) on the place of + block

Can you give me the solved block?

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Ok wait for some time

Once use join blocks where you are using + blocks

your all blocks seems wrong. all where you are tring to add string and integer. but you can only add integer.

you are doing


you have to do


Please marks whats worng and give me the screenshoot

Try my suggestion

:expressionless: why are you replying wrong solution as you can see his blocks he is trying to set height of component but if he use join block they it too will be a string. how he can set string as height percent

:thinking: I’m new brother so I can’t do heard work :slightly_smiling_face:

Oh sorry, I do not look at that

Send your whole blocks

these all place you are trying to add integer(5) + string(text)

OK brother I will send

Thanks brother I will try

@Md_Imran_Sikder what are you trying to do tell us and we can make that for you and you can simply implement it in your app

I Can’t understand what the problem in my block.