Please Look Into The Issue Of Facebook And Ironsource Bidding

Hello Niotron Developers I am Facing This Issue From Last Two Weeks Whenever I Try To Use Fb And Niotron Bidding

I think you forgot to mention the issue.

Only ironsource ads are getting impressions not fb ads

?? Atleast reply

May be you have not use it in proper way…

sir i am not the only one who is facing this prblm as you can check 1 or more users have already pointed this issue
i think it is because of sdk?

wow great help

We’ve noted your issue, we’ll look into it and get back to you

thanks I’m waiting

sir any update? my all projects are pending just because of this single issue.

hello sir???

this is becoming so frustrating now im just buying subscription in hope that itll work, but i am also facing the same issue and my all projects are pendings and my earning is totally off bcause of this little thing, and they do not care to respond or provide any update regarding this FB ironsource bidding problem

they r just busy selling the subscription…

You would have to wait for the next update