Please i m trying to share image but coming error please help

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Is this file in asset ?

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yea file in asset and i m trying to share but throw the error

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Try this path


If this won’t work try once replacing Assets to Asset

Are you trying in companion?

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yes i m trying it in compenion

That’s why it’s not working.

Then only this will work, try once with app

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in apk see result

Show where you added this file in asset may be you write wrong spelling

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I already said it will only work in companion also if /storage/emulated/0/Assets/514.jpg then try /storage/emulated/0/Asset/514.jpg

This will only work in companion

Give me some time to get exact solution , currently I am busy with some other work

  1. Open blocks
  2. Click on your screen
  3. Scroll down go in last
  4. You will get 514.jpg
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This logic work in companion but not in app :sleepy:

please help me how to share image

You need to save that file in user phone and then call sharing

Can u send me demo aia?

You cannot share a file from the assets.
You need to copy it to the ASD or a shared folder and share it from there.


please send a demo aia?