Please help me .. what is this and how to resolve it

Just ignore this warning and move on nothing will happen. :slightly_smiling_face:

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DO this from setting menu

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@Abhinav_Ranjan I think you are out of your mind can’t your read what’s written under warning?

By writing nothing will happen how much sure you are that really nothing will happen?

I advise you not to give any advice if you don’t know what it is ?

If you still continues to do such mistakes then we don’t have any other option other that taking action on you !

So please tell only what you know nothing else

But when I moved on why nothing happened to my app, I got the same warning that time, as per the advice given from youtube I told that only.

So, I told what I know.

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Yes, exactly.

I am using https website it means my case this option do untick

Tick it bro I also doing to post and get content from links. you have to tick clear text traffic it will help google to understand what is in your app

And if you are sending data to Your server from app then use post method and encrypt the data with md5 hash or other hash