please help me i have a issue

i am trying to install niotron apps in our device showing play store warning this app is harmfull how to solve this please help me

This is because Play Store has to review which apps are not harmful. Niotron apps are created by individual developers, and not all apps are authorized.

If you trust the developer, then simply ignore the warning. Not a big deal. If the app is developed by yourself, trust yourself and proceed.

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Play store warning your app is harmfull because your app is not on play store

This has nothing to do with Niotron. Any app installed from without playstore may show this same message.

This is potentially dangerous as Google Play sometimes do protect you from dangerous APKs, like biting your anesthetic gum after a surgery. It is still best to ignore it.

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Do you really think that?
No doubt it happens with some users, but for more advanced users it is very unlikely.
In my case, for example, I never got this message in a situation where it was helpful for me.

Can you share the apk?