Please Add - Use External Browser component in Web View

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Please Add - Use External Browser component in Web View

What do you mean by???

It’s mean he wants to use

request external browser

to open the website to his any browsers which install on his device

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Ok, thanks for the suggestion

We shall add that in our next update.


you can use deep host default browser extension also

He come here to request to add this on web viewers not for telling to use the extension



Hello, @XyberNeo please also solve the problem of when webview progress changed block… its is not working

It’s working fine which error u find?

Yes it is working properly

I simply tried this.

Tried this way also but its not working for me…

@im_neodeveloper @Shameek_Biswas Can you show me how its working for you?

I m not at home i will send u after reaching home

@Shameek_Biswas please show how it worked for you

Hey @Mohd_Younis sorry to say but the web viewers have some bugs in progress changed i already informed admins they will fixed it as soon as possible

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Regret the issue, we are working on it. We will release a patch with the bug resolved asap


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Hello, @XyberNeo what happened to webview progress changed block is it fixed or not ?