Play Store warning

Can any one please help me what is the problem and what I have to do

are you taking data from users?

No my app not having any login signup screen even not asking to give permission for media or any other

That’s why i am confused what is wrong i am doing

My app not rejected it still showing pending publication

can you share the apk?

I checked everything its completely this builder problems before i am getting error after using admob so i thought may be it is because of dynamic component so i removed alll dynamic component and i used deephost custom design bt then also i am getting exactly same problem …

And my block code is perfectly good … before using admob everything exactly good like i want
Bt after using admob i am fully getting error u can check my admob problems topic

May be its compiling problem or admob problem i wasted my 300 rupees and most important my time which i gave to build project on this builder i always start working from 11 to till night 9 and i work more then 2 months i created 4 project

Nothing to say

my builder Automatically Changed Language how To change language
I am really frustrated after Paying monetization fee

iAditya_nanda Sorry for rudely replying i just frustrated before :upside_down_face: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I think your application asks for the location of the users.